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Blum: The Project


"Blum |bloōm|" is Austrian composer and multi-instrumentalist Wolfgang Blümel's latest music project. In collaboration with a star cast of like-minded musicians and the Grammy Award-winning producers Andy Kravitz and Tom Wasinger, Wolfgang has released his first major solo work in two decades in the form of a six-song cycle. Singles published to date under his own label, blummusic - including Bluemoon, Have You Ever Kissed the Moon Goodnight?, Up & Down, Fire, Eat U Up, and Without You are available via download on iTunes and Amazon.

Blum, who wrote the songs, also sings lead and back-up vocals, plays guitar, and contributes keyboard and rhythm tracks. He is joined by Arthur Barrow on bass (Frank Zappa), Jay Davidson on sax and flute (Steve Winwood), Leon Rubenhold on harp and slide guitar (Wilson Pickett), Joe Jogerst on accordion (Leftover Salmon), Andy Kravitz on percussion and drums (Joan Osborne), Michael Kott on cello, and Myra Krien and Tom Wasinger on back-up vocals.

Blum: The Artist


Blum was born "Wolfgang Blümel" to a family of steelworkers in Ternitz, a small town near Vienna. At age 14, he co-founded the rock band Flimp, which played sold-out shows to screaming Austrian teenagers. He later toured Europe as a guitarist for headliners Markus, Drahdiwaberl, Hansi Lang, Günter Mokesch, Strange Guys, and Hubert von Goisern.

He recorded albums for CBS/Sony, EMI, Columbia, and other top labels. On the 1991 CD The World Sings Goodnight, Blum represented Austria as a vocalist and arranger; the CD reached #3 on the Billboard world music chart. Blum can also be heard on Drahdiwaberl's single Lonely, which peaked the Austrian hit list for four weeks, and on their album Werwolfromantik, which topped the Austrian album charts. Blum also composed and produced music for Austrian children’s theatre and regularly contributed songs to an award-winning children’s radio show for the Austrian broadcast network, ORF.

Blum says, “When I left Europe, I felt certain that I had also left the rock-and-roll life behind for good. As it turns out, I had been missing music so much, that during the past couple of years I’ve found my way back to it with all my passion.” He says that since moving to the high desert of New Mexico in 2000, the landscape, climate, and relaxed attitude have informed his approach to his latest compositions. “My music is very different now—more spacious and laid-back. And dry,” he adds, laughing.